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San Jose del Cabo
Blvd. Mauricio Castro s/n Plaza San Jose Local # 20, Colonia 1o. de Mayo, San jose del Cabo, BCS CP 23400
: 624 142 4443 & 624 1422 4975
Fax: 624 142 4898

San Diego
9668 Heinrich Hertz Dr. Suite G San Diego CA. 92154
Phone: 619 710 0452
Fax: 619 710 0453

We handle all kind of merchandise. We have very competitive prices in the whole line of High End Appliances, Hardware and Plumbing..

Our Fees are around 14% of the invoice value, it depends in the country of origin, plus 16% IVA.

Our Fees include: Reception of the merchandise, Warehouse Maneuvers, Importation Procedures & Paper work, Freight (San Diego - Los Cabos) and Insurance. Our Insurance only covers in a Total Loss Event (plus deductible), it does not include dents or partial damage, if you need extended covedrage we will quote upon request.

There is is an extra shipping applied if the merchandise is too Voluminous and / or too Heavey

The Merchandise is delivered Curbeside in the Los Cabos area.


Our procedures

To begin the importation we need the merchandise to be in our facilities accompany with original or copy of the invoice and with the Federal Tax ID of the vendor. Completing this the merchandise will be in its destiny between 5 and 8 business days.

We can send it Via Air with the same percentage plus the difference of freight, but first the merchandise has to meet air freight requirements.

Our San Diego warehouse is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5 :00 p.m.

If you have special requirements we can meet your needs.

Miguel Angel Gutierrez Bonilla


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"To become the number one Import/Export company in Baja by effectively providing highest quality proffesional services, taking care of the needs of our clients as are own while trying to achieve 100%t satisfaction"


"To help Companies from Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, San diego and many others from all over baja which have needs for Import/Export services to reach their goals by providing the best professional Import/Export services reinforced by our more then 10 years of experience".